Paul's concussion

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Paul's concussion

Postby KiwiPete » Thu Jan 26, 2017 2:55 am

KISS frontman Paul Stanley has canceled all four previously announced shows from his R&B side project SOUL STATION after sustaining a concussion while skiing on January 15. He wrote on Twitter on that day: "I went skiing today and got something I never expected…A concussion! OW!!!!! Lucky though…"

Earlier today (Wednesday, January 25), Stanley revealed that he was still going through the recovery process, forcing him to rescheduled the SOUL STATION dates. He wrote: "MY APOLOGIES. Recovery from concussion will take a bit longer. I am postponing ALL FOUR California Soul Station shows Feb. 1-4. So sorry."

The sympathy from fans is so touching.

Ace planted the tree

Didn't Paul fire Peter Criss for basically the same thing he's now going through? Oh the irony.

Could this be a cover up for Gene cracking him in the head for taking an extra dollar more than his half from the 125 newly licensed KISS items?

Gene will some how find a way to license this - maybe a doll of Paul with a bandage around his head

Did he take lessons from Sonny Bono?

I love KISS. I do however think people should be on the look for the newly licensed KISS Koncussion.

I pictured him skiing into a tree.
I laughed.

What's the concussion protocol for KISS?
Oiling the body thoroughly and rolling in money. Repeat as needed...

Does this mean he has a brain?

You're lucky he even performs for you BASTARDS.

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Re: Paul's concussion

Postby actifzoe » Thu Jan 26, 2017 10:33 pm

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