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Taken from the Metal Sludge Gossip board

Postby The Anti-Crisst » Thu Jan 26, 2006 7:20 am

KK_Coverdale wrote:Read on for a story about what an asswipe this tool is...

I'm standing in line for a signing behind 2 guys, one of whom relates the story of trying to meet Gene Simmons. He says "I went up to him like 5 minutes ago & asked him to autograph my guitar, and he syas "NO!!! Since EBay came along, people have made money off of MY signature, so I don't sign stuff like that any more!!" "

The guy says "Well I can understand that, Gene- so I say 'OK- if you personalize it to me, it won't matter on EBay,' but he just said "Forget it!!" and next thing you know, these security goons push me out of the way and tell me to stop bothering him! Man, I just wanted to tell Gene "Listen asshole- you got famous from fans like me, and you can't even sign something now?" Fuck you, man- I don't think I'm a fan of that money-grubber any more."

So I get done w/ the signing and I walk away, not even 5 minutes later... and who do I see, but Gene Simmons!!!

There he is, walking with his security entourage.... anyone who approaches him is pushed away by the security goons- people just asking for a picture are shoved aside by these scrubs. NO ONE even gets a pic, except the occasional young, pretty blonde that Gene lets thru the foray with a wave of his mighty hand.

Now keep in mind that I saw hundreds of rock stars during this weekend... every single one was cool, NO ONE refused an autograph or a photo, everyone was shooting the breeze w/ anyone who came up to them.... even Vinnie Paul, who saw his brother murdered, was nice as hell & took pics and chewed the fat w/ every last person.

But big bad Gene Simmons can't take the time to engage the fans- he deliberately shows up at a trade show, knowing people will approach him, and then refuses to even talk to them.

It just shows that Gene Simmons easily earns the title of The Most Arrogant COCK in the Music Biz.

Fuck you, Gene- you're a vein-lined prick and a sell-out whose obviously forgotten where he came from. I hope your dollar bills feel nice and warm when you fuck them with your pathetically small penis. And I hope you one day realize most (non-comic book guy) KISS fans have viewed you as a joke since Carter was in office.



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