Which Gene Simmon's fakes the most (joke)?

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Which Gene Simmon's fakes the most (joke)?

Postby Odyssey » Sun Apr 17, 2005 7:00 pm

A cool thread on another site reads:

ABC ePrep reports: Most artists don't want their private behavior made public but KISS's Gene Simmons is evidently an exception. Simmons posted on his web site that he's being featured in a forthcoming book called "Deja Vu: You'll Never Make Love In This Town Again, Again". It's the sequel to a juicy Hollywood tell-all called "You'll Never Make Love In This Town Again", and the note on his site calls on female admirers to e-mail their stories about personal encounters they've had with Simmons. The note specifies, "the more scandalous the better." The stories will be forwarded to the publisher (from Gene Simmons), and presumably the juiciest will be included in the book. Those whose stories make it into the book will receive a personally inscribed copy.


You mean females are supposed to send e-mails to Gene himself about encounters they've had with Gene?

Something a little fishy there...(bad pun)!!!

In other words, after Gene has altered their stories to make himself sound like a GOD, he will then send it to the publisher to have it printed .

Just consider the amount of ego within this proposition for a second?!?!


Guilty as charged!



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