Gene's REAL Alter-Ego

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Gene's REAL Alter-Ego

Postby Siiri » Sun Nov 02, 2003 12:41 am

I just saw something which reminded me of the "God of Cookies" handle I've seen around here. It got me thinking about Gene and his cookie addiction. I then began idly trolling my childhood memory banks when it hit me: Gene must have a second, very secret job which could totally blow his status as a hard rocking "ladies man". Think about this: KISS was not doing all that well in the 1980's, compared to their status in the 1970's. Being the workaholic cash addict that he is, Gene would have probably scrambled to find additional employment. This job would, of course, require that he be unrecognizable as Gene Simmons, otherwise he would be discovered. The side job would definitely have been in entertainment, but not rock 'n' roll, for the aforementioned reason. Gene has also made it well known that he likes kid's cartoons and monsters. Put all of this together, and what do you get?
Gene = :cookie !

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