they have officially hit bottom

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they have officially hit bottom

Postby actifzoe » Tue Jan 18, 2011 1:04 am

KISS will perform at the 2011 RodeoHouston on March 15th at Reliant Stadium in Houston, Texas.

RodeoHouston is the world's largest Rodeo event! This year's event kicks off March 1st and runs through March 21st, and last year set an all time attendance record of 2,144,077 visitors!

Tickets go on sale this Saturday, Jan. 15 at and all Ticketmaster outlets

by KiwiPete » Jan, 16, 2011
I have to go. Look at this:

KISS is going to be incredible in Reliant Stadium March 15. Rodeo clowns, fried Twinkies, barrel racing, turkey legs, bumper cars, tight jeans and Gene Simmons spitting up blood ... for an $18 ticket? This is the greatest entertainment event in the history of the world.

The thought of seeing Thayer's thimble-dick on stage is enough puke material.....No interest in the tribute band, but I gotta find out WTF a "fried Twinkie" tastes like. I can feel a heart attack coming on already. Fried Twinkies? Would one of you Yankie-types like to explain wtf possessed anyone to fry a Twinkie?


"What sealed the deal for us was when they played the rodeo in Cheyenne (Cheyenne Frontier Days) last year, and they were the hottest act. Once we saw that, we knew, gosh, we've got to get them on our stage."


The hottest band on the rodeo circuit..... KIIIIIISSSS

and my two cents.... :2cents

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