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Call To Arms!

Postby RockMaster316 » Fri Nov 24, 2006 9:26 am

SPREADING THE WORD FOR A GOOD FRIEND IRA: spreading the word here-Kiss fans. Submit your letters now.

The idea came to me to begin a letter writing campaign. I ran it by Kim Rolfe (The imperial Princess of the Kiss Army ...she's one of our March on the Hall of Fame promoters).

Anyway people here's how it works. You send an email to me at this address:

Your email is actually a letter written directly to the Induction Commitee at the Hall of Fame. Do not write it to me. Write it to them.

Dear induction commitee,

(Your words here)

Sincerly (Your name)

You then email it to me. At: I will then turn your emailed letter into a printed document. An actual "letter". These letters will then be placed together. Then handed directly to the induction commitee when Kim Rolfe, Kristine Connell, Tom Hale and myself go to New York in March for the 2007 induction ceremonies. The 4 of us will represent all of you and make it known that we "The Kiss Army" are serious about wanting to see Kiss inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.

This idea will only work if I receive letters via that email address. That way it is documented that each were official and sent by actual individual persons. Listen folks. We need these letters. They are important to making our point with the committee. So the more letters we hand deliver in New York, the more the committee will see that we are serious. So get to typing and send me your letter.

Your content can be simple and to the point. Just tell the committee why you feel Kiss should be in the Hall of Fame. It could be for a number of reasons.

1. You feel that the band has been an inspiration to your life in some way.

2. You feel that due to the incredible amount of fans world wide a band like Kiss belongs in the Hall.

3. You may say something about the amount of record sales Kiss has.

4. You may mention the fact that KISS has been a world wide touring group for more years than some of the already inducted bands were even together as a band. Playing to sold out arenas and venues all over the world.

5. You may mention that Kiss has been a world wide known recording artist that has influenced many Rock and Roll bands since their debut.

6. You may mention some thing totally out of your own mind. In your very own words.

But remember...We are doing this to attempt to get Kiss inducted. It may or may not work. But this idea is worth a shot. So get those letters typed and emailed now. The more letters we receive and take to New York... the more of a point we all are making. We've set a deadline date for letter acceptance. I must have all letters emailed to me no later than March 1, 2007.

Oh please remember this also. We are not out to make enemies with the commitee. Do not use words that will degrade any of the members in any way. Name calling and threats will not be tolerated. We are trying to show the committee that we ae a group of very pleasant people who simply feel that Kiss has been robbed of their induction for too long now. It's Kissin' Time. Induct Kiss.

What do you mean "you are not a Kiss fan"?

Well I'll be damned. You took the time to read my entire statement up to this point. So something must have kept your attention. Well listen if you are not a Kiss fan. Let's not forget that the band you are a fan of may be eligible for induction some day. If not already. An idea such as this could be promoted and made to work by members of your band's fan club. Just as we of the Kiss Army are doing. So if you are not a Kiss fan and don't want to submit a letter on behalf of Kiss, at least help us out by spreading the word of what we are doing. Tell everyone you know to check out

Stay cool and keep rockin', Ira

(The Author of the 11th Commandment)

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