fried alive 2 bootleg download

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fried alive 2 bootleg download

Postby eliteosbo » Sun Nov 19, 2006 9:36 am

heres another good bootleg for ya courtesy of hear rock city blog

Is It Live?

KISS ALIVE! is one of the best live albums ever! Or is it? Oh, it's probably KISS's best, and better than many albums, but is it Live? Many sources agree that much re-recording took place in the studio - to fix minor mistakes, etc. There are other sources who say almost the whole thing was re-created in the studio.
If for some unknown reason you don't own KISS ALIVE! - then go buy it!
Here is a soundboard recording of KISS in their prime, at least I think so... There have been many eras within the band, and this is my personal favorite - 1975-1976. Right before their big breakthrough, they were out to prove who they were and what they could do! And this recording does that!
I call this one ALMOST ALIVE! It was recorded in Long Beach, California May 31st, 1975 and is commonly called "Fried Alive II" The artwork was created to resemble the original ALIVE! album. It turned out real good! Hope you like it! 2 CDs of KlassiK KISS!


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