MOTLEY CRUE REVIEW (of MSG NYC show, 3/3/05)

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MOTLEY CRUE REVIEW (of MSG NYC show, 3/3/05)

Postby phunky » Mon Mar 07, 2005 9:45 am

I posted this on TTS, but I figured I'd use up another thread to get my post count up :lol:

We got there just as the first song started which was Shout At The Devil.

I believe they played the same set list that was listed online. There was supposed to be no intermission but there was one. They played like 7 songs and then took 20 minutes. I think the first part of the show (for me) was better, they ran through Shout At The Devil, Looks That Kill, Too Young To Fall In Love, Ten Seconds To Love, LiveWire, On With The Show, Louder Than Hell….then I think they took the intermission.

The second part of the show had the toomy Lee drum thing, and the usual staples like Same Old Situation, Girls Girls Girls, Kickstart My Heart, Dr. Feelgood, Don’t Go Away Mad, Home Sweet Home, etc. Ending with the encore of ANARCHY IN THE UK, just sort made the ending bad, I think they should have just did Dr. Feelgood as the closer instead, but no big deal.

The show had a circus theme (I was suspiciously thinking PSYCHO CIRCUS the whole show, but that’s another story!) with a canapé backdrop and a Motley Crue sign that looked like a circus sign. They did have screens but they weren’t on until almost the end of the show…WHY who knows…

Here’s my individual breakdown:

Mick: I thought he did well considering. He actually moved around a bit and I thought his guitar sounded good. He looked like death though, but then; he always did. I think he always added that element to The Crue, the \m/ factor. They did this thing with him that I thought was pretty funny, they put Mick on some sort of riser thing at one point and they were electrifying him like lightening was striking him to keep him alive, like he was being shocked.

Vince: His vocals were decent. Not great, but decent. As usual some of the high notes he tried to reach for are completely out of his range (and always were), certain pitchy things here and there as usual. He wore some sort of denim outfit thing, looked like he dyed his hair back blonde. He said something on stage last night like “this show is your f-in childhood people” and he was right. When they did “Home Sweet Home”, when the verse was to come in, he laid out and there was no music at all and the audience sang in unison the whole verse right before the drums were to kick in, which was pretty amazing and I think the band thought so too.

Nicki: He was Nicki. But I think he almost moved around as much as Mick did, so I don’t want to hear any crap from anyone saying Mick didn’t move and looked like a corpse He looked good, in shape so it seemed. His bass drives, you can’t hear it half the time; but his presence is undeniable.

Tommy: He had a weird drum setup. During his solo, it was like a Methods of Mayhem dj set. No real drum solo in the normal sense, but he was grooving to some sort of electronic hip hop track (probably that he wrote). But then he FLEW up to 2 drumsets that were suspended by the lights (hey toomy, Gene Simmons wants his “flying in the air to a stage by the lights after he spits blood before GOD OF THUNDER” act back) one on each side, one on the left and one on the right. The drum set on the left was some sort of silver bells drum set up…he was playing sort of Tibetan thing in a way and then he’d fly across the stage to the one on the right, and then play to some sort of electronic hip hop track thing. He did this twice and while flying in between the drumsets would make comments like “whoa man this is cool”. I thought Butthead was playing drums for a minute when I blinked my eyes, but it was indeed toomy up there. When he was done, he took a camera (which was hooked up to the screens) and ran around the front of the stage and the right and left side of the stage and was yelling, “it’s all about the titties, let’s see your titties!” and he would focus on a groups of girls and they would flash him, all in typical Tommy “although I’m a drummer, I want the most attention in Motley” Lee fashion.

All in all, a good show. The mix was decent, it didn’t seem as if they played over any DAT tapes and it seemed pretty live to me. Go see them if you can cause they probably won’t do anything more after this based on Mick’s health.

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