North Korea Death Camps

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North Korea Death Camps

Postby KiwiPete » Mon Mar 21, 2016 12:42 pm

Hoeryong Concentration Camp has some excellent reviews from satisfied holidaymakers

I had a wonderful experience here. The chow Ming was delicious! but I miss my dog. The guards were very nice, the tortured me three times a day and even sawed off my left leg! Then they made me eat it! Delicious
Jordan Pereau

absolutely wonderful. when we advised at the prison we were happily greeted with slow cooked dog and rice, my favorite meal. we were sent to our rooms and it was outstanding! the amazing decorations with concrete ceiling, walls, and floor great choice of colors, Kim. the bed felt orgasmic to my lower back. the hardness of the metal bunk beds felt as great as regularl beds. 5/5 would come again.
Tom Braithwaite

The best place to go in North Korea. The guards are really strict and great at their job. I wasn't fed for weeks and locked away in a small concrete room if I misbehaved. What really stood out were all the different torture mechanisms: saws, knives, axes, Chinese water torture ,and my favourite a 100lb steel block on the end of seesaw which, would be thrust into my genitals. Overall, it was a quality stay and I highly recommend it to anyone that's looking for a Nazi style concentration camp experience.
Chris P Bacon

I heard about this place from a colleague of mine who had gone here to lose a little weight. After many failed diets I decided to give this place a try. Upon entering the facilities I was greeted with what appeared to be a warm dog stew mixed with a garnishing of feces. Quite delightful if you ask me! After a few days I could really see the pounds coming off. I also enjoyed the fact that the work hours were only a mere 16-17 hours a day, much less in comparison to my corporate finance job. Pay was better too when broken down by the hour. Also, the guards were a lot nicer than my bosses at work! They only beat me thrice per day and it was usually only physically rather than the endless emotional beatings I endure at home. All in all I can say I lost about 50 pounds in my month's stay so I'm a happy camper! Ps the wifi sucks so I just watched the public beatings as my nightly entertainment.
John Nasseh

Staff was really really nice. Only weird thing is, is that there are a bunch of starving children and adults running around everywhere, kinda ruined the mood for my wife and I on our honeymoon. Great service, especially for the price. Did I mention that they are open 24 hours a day? Amazing. Just don't speak badly about this person called Kim Jong-un.
Andrew Provencal

It was okay. Definitely one of the better places I've stayed at during my travels in Best Korea. The lodging had privacy fences with concertina wire, armed guards (to keep out the poor folk) and the landscaping was lovely. There was also a plethora of activities to be had including rock smashing, gas chambers, rat hunting, and public beatdowns. The free breakfast was exotic delicious since I've never had boiled rat heads. I'm giving this place four stars for a couple of reasons. The staff was kind of cruel and the owner was kind of a douche. He was always listening to Katy Perry and I guess that's why the staff was so uptight, that and probably because I'm a foreigner. When it came time to leave they wouldn't let me and I actually passed out while they were flogging me. I think they thought I was dead and threw me outside the gates. But I woke up and was able to catch my flight so it wasn't really the send off I wanted.
Zimri Padilla

I wanted to get away from the stress of everyday I checked into North Korea's best reviewed hotel- this gulag. It's secluded alright but not very inviting if you actually want to have fun. There was absolutely NO wifi...I felt like I was in the state of Kentucky! The room they gave me (because you can't choose your own) was overcrowded. There were at least 10 other families in there. Strangely enough, there were no beds but it didn't seem to bother me since the dirt floor was pretty comfy. I mean, when you compare it to Gulag 16's floor, this one wins hands down. The food was actually a pretty good positive on my trip. Who knew that mud and grass could be combined in so many ways? During the day, though...they ordered me to have fun by doing hard, physical labor. The fun was "nonstop" by order of this guy they kept calling "fearless leader" who I didn't even see. Look, it's not the best gulag I've ever been to but it's still better than Eastern Russia.

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Re: North Korea Death Camps

Postby actifzoe » Mon Mar 21, 2016 9:28 pm

KiwiPete wrote:There was absolutely NO wifi...I felt like I was in the state of Kentucky!

:bahaa :bahaa :bahaa :bahaa :bahaa :bahaa :bahaa :bahaa
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