New sound gear

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New sound gear

Postby bassbob » Tue Feb 21, 2012 10:31 pm

This probably is only interesting to me and maybe a few other people on the board, but I am in the middle of some upgrades to the sound system I use for gigs where my band provides our own sound.  We have been using a powered mixer, with an outboard power amp routed to the Mon out for a sub.  It's plenty loud for most of the gigs we do, but it's flexibility is limited and the built in effects on the powered mixer are less than stellar.

In case anyone is wondering, the equipment I have been using is:

(1)Yamaha EMX512SC powered mixer ( 2x500 watts @ 4 ohms)
(1) QSC GX5 power amp (2x700 watts @ 4 0hms)
(2) Crate (SLM) 12" 2 way, 8 ohm 200 watt main speakers
(4) 12" 2 way, 8 ohm 250 watt monitors ( various brands, though I have loaded them all with Eminence drivers)
(1) Carvin RL118 800 watt 4 ohm sub

SM58 vocal mics and EV PL series drum mics

In the last month I have bought ( or acquired) :

(1) Crown XTi 2000 power amp ( 2x1000 watts @ 2 ohms/ 2x800 watts @ 4 ohms)
(1) 1x18 sub ( which I loaded with an Eminence Delta Pro 800 watt 4 ohm 18" woofer)
(1) Mackie CR1604vlz passive mixing console
(1) DOD 835 crossover
(1) Alesis Microverb 4 reverb unit
(1) ADA analog delay unit
(2) Peavey PR15 15" 2 way,  8 ohm 400 watt main speakers
(1) old ass Pyramid PA1000 power amp

So now I can run 2 18" subs, aux fed from the console, powering them at 700 watts each.  I can run 3 separate monitor mixes and I can have some decent reverbs and delays.  The crossover ( as well as the 4 aux sends on the Mackie console) will keep all the low frequency instruments ( kick drum, floor tom and if I ever need it, my bass rig) in the subs and all the high frequency instruments ( vocals and if needed guitar cabs) in the mains.  I can put whatever is needed in the monitors.  I still need a couple good compressors and at least 2 good dual channel 31 band PEQs.

I'm sure this will seem very rudimentary to any of you who are familiar with this stuff and it will mean absolutely nothing to those of you who don't. The bottom line is that since I play bass and mix from the stage, this will make my job easier and make my band sound even more bad ass then we already do.  :lol:

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