Kissology Easter eggs

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Kissology Easter eggs

Postby lanita_ » Sun Jul 27, 2008 12:39 am

Hey, I'm not sure if anyone had seen the footage of Ace & Jeanette's wedding reception on, but one of the comments mentioned says it is on the first Kissology, the 2nd disc. I just thought maybe I didn't get the Kissology version these other ppl had. BUT, if you press your "top menu" button on your DVD remote, push the UP arrow to highlight the KISS logo, it'll turn from white to an orange, & push enter. OMG!!! There it was!!! I put in a few other other discs & the same thing...........go to the menu screen & arrow up to the Kiss logo. I found 2000 Man live & the Mtv VMA rehearsals (Ace is wearing blue jeans, woo hoo!!); I'll have to try my other discs later & let you know what I find. I didn't buy the Kissologys right away. I got Kissology 1 at FYE & Kissology 2 & 3 at Walmart all within the last few months. I don't care for the European version of Phantom of the Park; Ace has even fewer lines in it, especially the pool scene, my fave scene! I wish there were bloopers from the movie included on there & I wish there was also footage of the Psycho Circus recordings on Kissology 3.


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